Way Upstream (1981)

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World Premiere: 2 October 1981
Venue: Stephen Joseph Theatre In The Round, Scarborough
London Premiere: 4 October 1982
Venue: The Lyttelton, National Theatre, London
North American Premiere: 24 February 1982
Venue: Alley Theatre, Houston

Play Number: 27
Published: Samuel French
Other Media: Television; radio

Short Synopsis: Ideally set on a water-filled stage, the play follows a cruiser on the river orb, which is hijacked by modern day pirates. As events spiral out of control and become ever more extreme, can an ordinary couple save the day by taking extraordinary steps?

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Way Upstream quote
"On any boat, there can only be one skipper. OK? One guy who gives the orders. All right? It has to be that way otherwise it's bedlam. Like it was just now. Now, I don't mind taking the job, I don't mind the responsibility but I must have your support. OK? Make sense? OK?"
Way Upstream: Upcoming Productions
Netflix: The BBC 1988 film adaptation is currently available on Netflix in the UK.
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